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Cilo Cybin is a Holding entity for a variety of companies globally. Our primary focus is to provide holistic health solutions, through the partnership and ownership of various products across the health, supplement, and medical industries.

We are in the process of preparing Cilo Cybin to go public in the second quarter in 2021 in both Europe and South Africa in order to raise funds to allow the Company to deploy its Health solution and products globally. 

Our manufacturing facility in South Africa is in the process of going full Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) compliant. This will provide assurance and peace of mind to our customers that our products and quality are of the highest grade.

Live Healthier, Better & Longer

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The Three Pillars of Cilo Cybin

We understand that when it comes to personal health, no two humans are the same, and what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. While conventional treatments have proven to be effective, we at Cilo Cybin believe a specific treatment sequence is required in order to achieve optimum results.
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Maintaining overall health is a key factor when fighting disease and is vital for promoting a positive mental state in individuals undergoing various treatments. The health pillar is for those individuals looking to improve mental wellbeing while undergoing treatment.

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We live in a high intensity world that requires ever greater levels of mental and physical performance. The performance pillar is aimed at individuals such as students, athletes, and business persons looking to boost their performance and gain an edge over the competition.

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Living longer is something we all strive for! The Longevity pillar is aimed at those individuals who have achieved their primary health goals and would like to focus on a singular regimen that can potentially increase their overall lifespan.

What We Are All About

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Leaders in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sector

Here at Cilo Cybin, our focus is on providing holistic health solutions, through supplementation, lifestyle guidance, and various types leading edge treatments. Our aim is to provide our clientele with the necessary treatments, and technologies required to attain maximum energy, clear cognitive function, and the best chance of fighting diseases, and the effects of ageing.

We believe the world is entering a new era of personalised healthcare, a world in which each person’s health and wellbeing will require bespoke, individualised, and intelligently targeted interventions.

We have built ourselves and our services on the three pillars of Health, Performance, and Longevity.

Our Divisions

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Subsidiaries of Cilo Cybin


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Cilo Cybin Cultivation based in South Africa, is focused on the cultivation of medical grade cannabis flower. Our indoor cultivation facility is GACP accredited by the local regulator namely the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.


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Cilo Cybin Manufacturing based in South Africa, is in the final stages of the Good Manufacturing Practices audit. We expect to be GMP Licensed by early 2021, which will be first accredited GMP cannabis facility in South Africa.

Wholesale & Retail

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Cilo Cybin Manufacturing wholesales cannabis flower, and extracts to 3rd parties. We do this through an online auction process which 3rd party Licensed Producers or Distributors can register.


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Cilo Cybin partnered with Global Health Solutions, an United States based company headed up by Dr Michael Kessler, specialising in holistic individualised health solutions.

Our Product Range

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Something to meet every need

Cilo Cybin has a wide variety of products, ranging from prescription, complementary, and supplementary based health products. We use the highest quality raw materials, and where possible utilize our own in-house cultivated products, which complies with Good Agricultural Practices.
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Our manufacturing facility in South Africa ensures the quality and high standard of our products.

Our Partners

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Our Trusted & Well Connected Partners

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Register as a Buyer, Doctor or Patient


If you are interested in purchasing our products in bulk you may register as a Buyer, which will allow you access to our online bidding process. Approved buyers will have access to our product details, volume, and Certificate of Analysis for each of our products, to better inform your bidding on batches.


As a Cilo Cybin registered Doctor, you will have access to our entire product range, product details, Certificate of Analysis, dosing calculator, and other advanced features that will allow you to provide your patients with the high quality care. 


Patients can directly register with Cilo Cybin in order to gain access to our product range. This service is country specific, and is in accordance with the relevant Regulatory Authorities where applicable.

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