I’m Dr Tham Seng Kong


Dr. THAM is a veteran of life sciences, with a genuine passion for the field of Cellular Therapy and cancer research.

He is currently Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Research Scientist at the ALPS Group, a global biotechnology company. He is an established member of the Malaysian Society for Stem Cell Research & Therapy(MSCRT) and the Malaysia Association for Cell Therapy (MACT) and has been involved in ongoing extensive research on anti-aging cellular therapy since 2006, working closely with his Swiss and Asian counterparts in advancing the human understanding of cellular therapy.

He has made break through discoveries in skin science and amongst his recent publications, was a paper on the successful construction of a retroviral transfection system that could be developed as a means of gene therapy for hepatic carcinoma.

Dr THAM has a Bachelor of Medicine from Xiamen University, Doctor of Medicine (MD) Integrated Chinese Medicine & Western Clinical Medicine (Oncology) from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM).

He is also well-sought-after as an Educator on Best Practices, and dedicates his time between clinical physicians and members of the public.