Martin Sanderson

United kingdom Representative

Martin has an insatiable curiosity and is always seeking innovative ideas to advance business ventures. This means working with leaders in different fields of endeavour introducing improvements through the principle of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’ Artificial Intelligence and automation have been a long-standing interest since studying computer science at the University of South Africa and business management at Damelin Business School. 

He has served as a director and CEO in an eclectic number of companies with activities ranging from software development, instrument process control, civil engineering, aviation, mineral exploration, geomatics and real estate. Now a director of Avatar Investments Limited he has known and worked with his co-founding director Dr Adrian Durrant for over 30 years.

Meeting Gabriel Theron, the founder of Cilo Cybin, an entrepreneur and visionary in the field of New Medicine, has stimulated Martin’s interest in a concept that is destined to capture worldwide attention. It is focused on preventative medicine, where the patient is treated holistically, based on the individual’s genetics and lifestyle. Disease prevention and wellbeing, rather than cure. As such, he is delighted that Avatar is integral to Cilo Cybin’s commitment to building a global leader in New Medicine, as Cilo Cybin’s authorised UK representative.

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Dr Adrian Durrant

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