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Alponics SA was founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming the biggest cannabis producer in Switzerland, and eventually Europe. The founder of Alponics brings with him 25-years of experience in running large scale agriculture operations throughout Asia under the international corporation: Pacific Rim Plantation Services Pte Ltd, and has established a Swiss parent company, Pacrim SA, alongside our manufacturing company, Alponics SA.


With their laboratory and indoor production based in Valais, Switzerland, Alponics produces the highest quality Swiss made CBD products in a responsible and sustainable manner. They adhere to all applicable Swiss regulations and standards. They test their own products in house and by an accredited 3rd party laboratory to ensure full traceability from hemp seed to the final product that goes on their customers shelves.   
Alponics’s 7.5 Hectare farm which consists of natural cultivation and 21 Greenhouses  is located in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland.  Less than 40km away from each other, their farm and production facility allows them to have complete control over their products from seed to shelf, giving Alponics the ability to produce nearly 3 tons of dried flowers and 10 tons of biomass for extraction per year.


The European cannabis market is estimated to be worth over 3 billion in the next 5 years. By investing in technology to advance flower growth/harvest and extraction of oil, Alponics plans to be the industry leader in Switzerland.  Forward thinking allows Alponics to prepare for changing regulations within the industry, and with a focus on quality, they have been able to obtain the following certifications: Kosher, Halal, Vegan and ISO 9001.


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