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Welcome to the Doctor and Holistic Healer registration page. We are in the process of capturing doctor and patient details who would like to get educated on cannabis for the treatment of various conditions.

We have developed literature that will teach you the basics of the potential of cannabis and what it can be used for. Furthermore, we have carefully selected a panel of cannabis experts globally that can assist you with more specific, and detailed questions.

Please complete the form and we will soon start our campaign to keep you informed and up to date with the latest studies and trends cannabis related on a global scale.

We are inviting patients to register on our database in order to get access to our products. Especially if you are interested in our cannabis range of products, it is vital that your register in order for us to determine if we are able to get our products to you legally. Each country has its own regulations and requirements with regards to cannabis products, and in some countries it is still illegal.

By registering we will be able to tell you how to get access to our products, if possible, otherwise you will be first to know when we are able to ship to you at your location.

Companies that are interested in buying bulk, high THC flower from us, can register here for our auction process. Each batch of cannabis flower produced are loaded on this portal where vetted buyers can bid on our flower. Inside the portal you will also find the Certificate of Analysis for the batch, our license and other required documents.

You will be notified prior to the auction starting date.

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