I’m  johann slabber

business development

I am a Pharmaceutical professional registered with the South African Pharmacy Council, and a proud South African entrepeneur that specialsies in the pharmaceutical regulatory and business enviroment globally. My background involves extensive experience in the retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Since 2016 I co founded and started multiple companies in the pharmaceutical sector, mostly focused on cannabis development and start-ups. With these companies I faciliated over 20 applicants through the licensing process in South Africa and other African countries. Motivated by my passion for sustainability and best practices I discovered that meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities is only one step of the approach, conforming to the right standards is really what makes your operation viable. 
My commitment to the start of Cilo Cybin and the journey ahead transitioned my approach with the new energy our team brings to the pharmaceutical, business and technology industry, especially in the way that we accomplish our goals. In the last three years when you look back at what we accomplished thus far I can only hope that the world is ready for what is next to come. Motivation helped me get started, but commitment leads to action and that is what keeps me going.


QPB Assistant Pharmacist – P45717 
Business Management – UNISA

Experiences in

Regulatory Affairs
Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution
Pharmaceutical Retail 
Corporate Management

Non-Executive Team

Jessica-Moodley Theron

Bongani Ginindza

Thomas Werner

Michael de Kock

Dustin Erasmus