The Executive Team

Red Line

Our Top Tier Leaders

Gabriel Theron

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel is a visionary and entrepreneur at heart, and excels in start-ups and turnaround projects. His career started as an Internal Auditor, at The South African Breweries (SAB).

Johann Slabber

Head of Business Development

Johan is a Qualified Post – Basic Pharmacist Assistant registered with the South African Pharmacy Council. A proudly South African – Entrepreneur that specialises in the pharmaceutical regulatory and business environment.

Ruan de Necker

Chief Technology Officer

Ruan is a curious, pragmatic person with the natural capacity to see simplicity in complex situations and to derive solutions to the challenges. He has been providing software solutions for various companies for the past 7 years.

Justin Reichlin

Chief Operation Officer

Experience in Nutrition and passion for cultivation, Justin successfully owned and ran an indoor hydroponic grow operation for five years where he also oversaw operations as Master Grower.

Dr Michael Kessler

Bio Innovation Officer

Michael Kessler, D.C., C.C.S.P., NTP has 35 years of clinical practice with a primary focus on nutritional and functional medicine and is highly experienced in the integration of advanced healing methods, systems, and devices.