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Vertically Integrated Manufactuing

Cilo Cybin Manufacturing based in South Africa is in the final stages of the Good Manufacturing Practices audit. We expect to be GMP Licensed by early 2021, which will be the first accredited GMP cannabis facility in South Africa.

For Cannabis: With the GMP accreditation, it will allow us to dry, trim, and further process cannabis oils, tinctures, topicals and isolates all under GMP.

Furthermore, this facility will also be producing and packaging a range of complimentary and supplementary non-cannabis related products as well.

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Subsidiaries of Cilo Cybin


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Cilo Cybin Cultivation based in South Africa, is focused on the cultivation of medical grade cannabis flower. Our indoor cultivation facility is GACP accredited by the local regulator namely the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Wholesale & Retail

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Cilo Cybin Manufacturing wholesales cannabis flower, and extracts to 3rd parties. We do this through an online auction process which 3rd party Licensed Producers or Distributors can register.


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Cilo Cybin partnered with Global Health Solutions, an United States based company headed up by Dr Michael Kessler, specialising in holistic individualised health solutions.