Cilo Cybin consists of various legal entities in various countries, each entity with a distinct purpose and role to play within the larger group of companies.  The medium term goal is to consolidate all the business entities into one holdings entity which would be a publicly trading company. 

The various companies as well as their function are showcased below:


Cilo Cybin Logo

Cilo Cybin Holdings is the entity that will be listing on the Johannesburg stock exchange in early 2022. It was created with the goal of later becoming the holdings entity for the group of companies, as well as the publicly trading company on the JSE. 

Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical Logo

Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical is the first entity in South Africa to have both medical Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing licenses. Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical is focused on the cultivation of medical grade cannabis flower and final products. 

Our indoor cultivation facility is GACP accredited and is current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliant.

Cilo Cybin Netherlands, in collaboration with Global Health Solutions, developed the new HQ2 – Heart Rate Variability monitoring device. This device provides insight into a person’s health, and is used by our health practitioners in collaboration with conventional tests to treat and monitor health conditions.

Cilo Cybin Labs Logo

Cilo Cybin Labs, our South African retail arm and Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical’s agent, is responsible for local sales.