The Company

Cilo Cybin combines Biohacking, Biotech and Pharmaceutical methodologies to deliver a holistic and individualised solution that enables our customers insights into their health, performance, and longevity, that they never had before.

What is Biotech & Pharmaceutical:

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies both produce medicines, but the medicines made by biotechnology companies are derived from living organisms while those made by pharmaceutical companies generally have a chemical basis.

What is Biohacking:

Biohacking is the constant pursuit of better heath, performance and longevity through the use of technologies, apps, devices and supplementation.

We believe the world is entering a new era of personalised healthcare, a world in which each person’s health and wellbeing will require bespoke, individualised and intelligently targeted interventions.

Cilo Cybin is ready and able to successfully propel its product and service offering to a world that continues to hope and strive for better health, performance, and longevity. 

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