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SA’s first cannabis firm set to list on the JSE just launched its first range of products

  • Cilo Cybin has introduced its first CDB products in South Africa, including medical devices and supplements.  
  • Its CBD products come as smokeable pens and eyedropper bottles, promoting energy, stimulation, relaxation, and assisting with pain and sleep.
  • The company, the only one with a licence to grow, process, package, and distribute marijuana products, will list on the Johannesburg bourse in May.
  • The company plans to acquire other cannabis companies and is eying wearable devices companies in the US and South Africa.

South Africa’s first and only company with a license to grow, process, and pack cannabis, Cilo Cybin has just introduced its first oil-based cannabinoid product range, just two months ahead of its listing on the JSE.

Its products are said to be the country’s first CBD products with a Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS), which increases efficacy by up to 10 times. They are available in two delivery methods; in eyedropper bottles and as vapes, each targeting different areas, including energy, relaxation, and pain and sleep assistance. When ingested, they take between 90 and 120 minutes to take effect, Gabriel Theron, president, and CEO of Cilo Cybin, said.

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Cilo Cybin CBD Vape range

Cilo Cybin Product launch

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Before the name Cilo Cybin was born, I was deciding on the services and products I wanted to bring to the world. To me this sounded like ‘MAGIC’ at the time. I came across a substance named ‘Psilocybin’ the active ingredient in certain mushrooms that resembles & kindles a ‘Magical’ experience when ingested.

Cilo Cybin aims to ignite and improve the lives of our customers through a wide range of products and services that, hopefully, one day will be considered ‘MAGIC’.

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