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going public.

During an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Media about prospects in the wake of the company’s licencing breakthrough in South Africa, I revealed plans for Cilo Cybin to go public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) during the first quarter of 2022. The news went viral sparking local and international interest from industry players, potential customers, as well as investors keen to know more about and participate in an IPO.

I am delighted to confirm the following:

  • Cilo Cybin has appointed DEA-RU, a JSE Limited accredited sponsor and an independent, boutique corporate finance house, to lead and manage the IPO and JSE listing process. DEA-RU advises clients on a broad range of business opportunities including IPOs (local and abroad), structuring, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and Black Economic Empowerment. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals with an entrepreneurial approach to business. They believe in “building a better tomorrow today”. They strive to present deliverables to their clients which are logically sound, creative and of impeccable quality.
  • Our aim is to raise R500m (five hundred million) by way of an IPO during the first quarter of 2022. Strategies for this purpose and content for the Cilo Cybin Prospectus are progressing well.
  • The intent of the IPO is to establish Cilo Cybin as a global player to deliver a holistic and individualised solution that enables our customers insights into their wellness, performance, and longevity.

We will keep you posted and well briefed about this first opportunity for you to gain exposure to shares available to the public.

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update on new developments.

Taking Cilo Cybin products, devices, and services to market – end November 2021

Excellent news from our marketing team is that Cilo Cybin’s impressive range of products and devices are now available for pre-order to the subscriber base. For the public, the products will be launched in the media at the end of the month. This, our first foray into the South African market is a significant step forward for my team and I. We look forward to ensuring a pleasant and rewarding experience for each customer buying and using our products and devices.

Cilo Cybin prides itself to produce high quality products through the use of the highest quality raw materials and its delicate formulation processes. As a result, our range of products are exclusive and only limited quantities are available monthly. As most of our products are best used as lifestyle products, we will be introducing a subscription option in January 2022, to ensure continued access to our range of products monthly.

As an early adopter and Cilo Cybin follower, we now have early access to pre-order products prior to the launch to the public end of November 2021. Click here

cbd product range.

Cilo Cybin CBD Vape range

non-scheduled cannabis cbd range

Cilo Cybin’s first non-scheduled cannabis range of products are to target the highlighted areas below. For more information on the product launch, click here to make use of the unique opportunity to pre-order.

We focus on the following:

looking ahead.

Globally, psychedelics are making significant inroads as an industry which I believe will be bigger than cannabis. Cilo Cybin has applied for a research permit to explore the uses of the magic mushroom chemical, psilocybin, used for anti-depressants, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety – magic stuff!

We keep a close watch on South Africa’s regulatory environment to assess further expansion in this field. A more favourable regulatory environment will allow quicker access to global markets.

staying the course.

I believe the world is entering a new era of personalised healthcare, a world in which each person’s health and wellbeing will require bespoke, individualised and intelligently targeted interventions. Cilo Cybin is ready and able to successfully propel its product and service offering to a world that continues to hope and strive for better health, performance, and longevity.

Negotiations with various key players are continuing to enable us to deliver first and world class solutions for the benefit of our customers. The launch of Cilo Cybin’s various products, and services to the public, and private companies within the next couple of weeks is a significant leap forward that augur well for an IPO early next year.

I look forward to updating you soon about further developments as we explore and bed down new opportunities alongside an exciting journey where magic happens!



Cilo Cybin Investor update #1

NEWS UPDATE FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO – NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE ON NEW IPO DEVELOPMENTS going public. During an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Media

Cilo Cybin CBD Vape range

Cilo Cybin Product launch

NEWS UPDATE FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO – NOVEMBER 2021 Taking Cilo Cybin products, devices, and services to market – end November 2021 Excellent

Before the name Cilo Cybin was born, I was deciding on the services and products I wanted to bring to the world. To me this sounded like ‘MAGIC’ at the time. I came across a substance named ‘Psilocybin’ the active ingredient in certain mushrooms that resembles & kindles a ‘Magical’ experience when ingested.

Cilo Cybin aims to ignite and improve the lives of our customers through a wide range of products and services that, hopefully, one day will be considered ‘MAGIC’.

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