Medical Cannabis producer Cilo Cybin first in South Africa with licenses to both cultivate and manufacture

Cilo Cybin breaks the mould as the first cannabis producer in South Africa to have both a cannabis GACP and cGMP certification that allows the company to cultivate, process and final package cannabis products.

Johannesburg – Monday, 23 August 2021: Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical (Cilo Cybin) today announced receiving a current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) licence, and accreditation from the South African Health Product Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) for pharmaceutical manufacture, product testing, processing, and final packaging of cannabis products in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) standards.

This makes Cilo Cybin the first cannabis producer in South Africa to have both a GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) certification as well as cGMP accreditation from SAHPRA. Cilo Cybin received GACP certification in May 2020 which enabled the company to commence cannabis cultivation activities at its indoor high-tech facility in Gauteng.

Gabriel Theron, President and CEO of Cilo Cybin says GACP certification only allows the licensee to export raw cannabis material in bulk. “To have both GACP and cGMP accreditation from SAHPRA heralds a significant breakthrough for the company. We are now allowed final processing of cannabis THC, and CBD products ranging from oils, tinctures, topicals etc. We can also do final packaging and labelling ready for the end consumer.”

A cGMP licence means that products have been manufactured with the highest quality of standards, materials, in a clean environment, and in accordance with cGMP policies and procedures. The end user, says Theron, can therefore trust the product. “This opens the door for Cilo Cybin to the global and local markets with our own brand and product range. An exciting and giant leap forward.”

Looking ahead Theron says Cilo Cybin is making good progress with concluding partnerships and collaborating with international entities. “Cilo Cybin has secured the global manufacturing and distribution rights for an American based brand, Aunt Zelda. Mara Gordon, the founder of Aunt Zelda, has been sighted in Forbes, TedX, and Netflix (Weed the People) for her knowledge on cannabis, the dosing thereof, treatments and formulations.”

Theron emphasises that the real challenge is to make a difference as a global player in a relatively new but rapidly expanding industry. “There are many opportunities, especially now with a springboard in place to propel us forward.”




Before the name Cilo Cybin was born, I was deciding on the services and products I wanted to bring to the world. To me this sounded like ‘MAGIC’ at the time. I came across a substance named ‘Psilocybin’ the active ingredient in certain mushrooms that resembles & kindles a ‘Magical’ experience when ingested.

Cilo Cybin aims to ignite and improve the lives of our customers through a wide range of products and services that, hopefully, one day will be considered ‘MAGIC’.

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