Aunt Zelda's and Cilo Cybin Partnership

South African Cannabis Producer Set To Transform Global & Local Markets Through Partnership With Leading International Medicinal Cannabis Company

Locally licenced cannabis producer, Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical, partners with leading international company, Aunt Zelda’s™, to manufacture and distribute cannabis products internationally (with exclusivity for South Africa)

Johannesburg, South Africa: Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical, a licenced cannabis producer in South Africa, celebrates their recently announced partnership with Aunt Zelda’s™, a global developer of cannabis-based plant medicines, giving Cilo Cybin access to clinically validated products and a wealth of experience.

Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical’s CEO and President Gabriel Theron commented, “This partnership is a transformative opportunity for both companies. With it, Cilo Cybin is granted global manufacturing and distribution rights of the Aunt Zelda’s™ product range, that includes the highest quality of medicinal cannabis oils, tinctures and topicals. This enables us to access the knowledge of key experienced individuals, who can provide assistance to medical practitioners globally with regards to the dosing, combinations and methods to take cannabis as a supplementary product to enhance the quality of treatment and ultimately life. Our goal is to be a leader in the Bio-pharmaceutical sector globally, and our strategic reach and influence allows Aunt Zelda’s™ products to reach a broader and ever-expanding global market.

Aunt Zelda’s™, trademarked in 14 countries and with a decade of experience, is well-known for its pioneering research and product development to offer medicines that are measured precisely for potency and purity to enable patients to unlock the many therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

The company also has direct access to world-class expertise in clinical trial design, cannabinoid science research and drug development as a result of its separate strategic relationship with Zelira Therapeutics (formerly Zelda Therapeutics and Ilera Therapeutics).

Aunt Zelda’s™ products include extracts, infused oils and topicals to supply patients with high-quality, contaminant-free, THC and CBD-rich medicines that enable safe, reliable and accurate dosing. Patients who use Aunt Zelda’s™ products seek relief from a number of conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and cancer. Aunt Zelda’s™ began collecting data in early 2011 on the use and efficacy of their products. This data is used in pre-clinical and clinical research, with specific mention to the company’s “Insomnia formula which was purchased by Zelda Therapeutics, and has now completed Phase II clinical trials,” according to Forbes.

Aunt Zelda’s™ Founder, Mara Gordon commented: “From its inception, Aunt Zelda’s™ has been committed to solving the dosing conundrum experienced by patients when navigating the complexities of cannabis medicine. Our formulations have been utilized in robust pre-clinical and clinical trials, and we are thrilled to make them available to new markets through our partnership with Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical. The agreement between our companies ensures patients will have access to safe, GMP-quality medicines outside of the US.”

About Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical

Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical seeks to transform the medicinal cannabis industry. As a licenced cannabis producer, the company focuses on providing holistic health solutions, giving patients access to safe, reliable and breakthrough treatments to target addressable ailments including pain, anxiety and sleep.

Their whole-plant extracts are organically cultivated indoors and free from insecticides and pesticides, supplying patients with premium, high-quality medicinal cannabis oils, tinctures and topicals formulated according to clinical development strategies and based on operational expertise.

Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical complies with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and is in the process of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accreditation for pharmaceutical production of cannabis and product testing.



Before the name Cilo Cybin was born, I was deciding on the services and products I wanted to bring to the world. To me this sounded like ‘MAGIC’ at the time. I came across a substance named ‘Psilocybin’ the active ingredient in certain mushrooms that resembles & kindles a ‘Magical’ experience when ingested.

Cilo Cybin aims to ignite and improve the lives of our customers through a wide range of products and services that, hopefully, one day will be considered ‘MAGIC’.

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